How much is a newborn photo shoot?

Let's cut to the chase, No silly packages, we only offer 1 package.

Our Newborn photography is £295

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At Perfect Baby Moments, Everyone get's a full 2-3hr session and will receive every photo taken.

The least amount we have ever given was 35 images, the most was 182, the typical customer will receive around 80 images.

Unlike other newborn photographers who offer a low or free session fee and then charge for photos, we do not work like that..

You will come across many studios who will offer a newborn session for as little as £50, that is for the session only and you will not get anything with that.

OK, some may offer you £200 off your photos, but them photos will cost you £800+

almost all will ask you to come back in a couple of weeks to view your photos and select how many you would like. Yes that is another trip to the studio..

You will then be able to choose a package, 5-10 photos may cost £250 30-40 photos more like £800+ expect to be upsold.

Some may even ask you how many photos you want before they start, then only photograph for that amount!