All Your Questions

Are you trained?

Absolutely, I am a professional photographer and specialize in newborn babies. I am also pediatric first trained and retrain every 2 years. safe baby handling and posing is as important as taking photos. I take special care of babies airway's and limbs, I will ask questions such as was baby breach at birth as I will not put baby in a position I know will be uncomfortable.

Will parents be photographed also?

Yes, you as parents will also be able to have photos at the end of the session. At the end of the babies session, I will setup a backdrop where I will photograph both parents separately and together with baby.

Where is the studio

I am so lucky to have a studio within the grounds of the magnificent Rufford abbey County Park. the studio over looks the beautiful lake. Such a beautiful place you will enjoy a walk around here if you have time after your session.
In your booking confirmation email, you will be sent full directions on where to find the studio. The postcode address is Rufford Mill, Rufford Ln, Newark NG22 9DG

Is parking available

Yes, you have access to a huge car park and free parking will be given.
The studio is less than 1min to walk so you may be better just bringing baby in the car seat.

When is the best time for newborn photos?

The younger the better, If you are well following the birth of your precious bundle of joy and can manage it, then 5-7 days old is that magic age for newborns. Most of the images on this page were when babies are between this age. The cutest of images can still be obtained even when baby is 4 weeks old, we may just need more patience as babies muscles will now be strong, not all poses will be possible.

If you are expecting, then you can book your newborn session at any time, look at the booking calendar and look for your due by date, add on 5-7 days. When you book your preferred date and time, You will also be given a reschedule link, just in case the baby arrives early or late for that matter, you can simply reschedule your newborn baby photo shoot up to 48hrs before the date of the session.

I have a huge range of backgrounds, props, baby wraps, headbands, and other accessories that will be used to create memories of a lifetime. Your newborn photo session will be booked for 2-3hrs, the photo session will not be rushed, patience always wins. If we need that little more time in order to get the perfect shots then extra time is added at no extra cost. There will always be plenty of time for feeding and changing. Do not worry if you think this is a long time for your newborn baby, It is important they are fully relaxed and the cutest of images are always when they are sleeping and relaxed.

Can I reschedule?

Yes, In your booking confirmation you will receive a reschedule link, if baby arrives late or early or you can not make the appointment then you can reschedule. You can only reschedule up to 48hrs before, I will be in the studio the day before or very early in the morning, cleaning and setting everything up ready for your arrival.

What about siblings?

Yes siblings will also be included and may be asked to join in during the session and at the end.
However... this will be a long up to 3hrs+ session, if baby has young siblings, will they be able to sit quietly for this length of time?
What we advice is if someone else can bring them later, say an hour before the session is due to end or if one of you can take them for a walk around the park and lake outside if they start to become to noisy.
Remember the focus will always be on the baby (new born baby shoot) and the studio needs to be a calm quiet environment.
Only you know your child best.

Can we have prints?

Of course, but unlike others who will charge £300+ for a few prints, in your online gallery you also have an online print store where you can order prints, frames and canvas's. The lab is a professional photographers only lab so the prints will be the best you can get. you also have the ability to print your own at your nearest print store. I find this gives you value for money.

Do i need to bring anything

All you need to bring are nappies and baby feed, We have had babies who have had to be changed up to 5 times! and fed 2-3 times so please bring plenty of nappies and feed.

Please consider bringing a baby soother (Dummy) even though you may not like your baby to have one it will help during the session, trust me..

In the studio, we have plenty of backdrops, baby wraps, headbands, and props which we shall use to create the best images, so you do not need to bring anything else.

Please ware lose clothing yourself, baby will be undressed and wrapped so the studio can be very warm at times. Bring a book, bite to eat, relax, put your feet up, make a drink and eat the biscuits, you deserve it.

Can other family members attend?

Unfortunately not.
We only like to have babies parents and siblings in the room. If one of the parents can not make it and you bring babies grandparent instead then this is fine. likewise if you do not drive and someone has come to drive you then this is also fine.

Remember, this is a newborn baby shoot, not a family photo session.
In the past we have had babies parents, 4 grandparents, babies aunts and uncles etc.. All was turned away. We are limited to the number of people in the room and If to many people are in the room then this will distract my concentration, to much noise and will affect the outcome of the final product.

What if I am late?

Please do not be late, aim to be early. Leave earlier than you think. I may have another photo session booked in after yours, If you are late then the session will simply be cut short to compensate, this may result in the lack of images and style of images I would normally produce.

Can I buy gift certificates?

Of course, please checkout the menu above and select gift certificates.

Breast Feeding?

We all know breast is best, however sometimes we have no idea how much milk baby has actually had. Breast fed babies take much much longer to settle, mainly because they are not getting the amount they want or it is not filling them up.
If your expressing your milk, then please bring expressed milk so baby can be sure to have a good feed. Alternative, if your using formula as a backup then please bring some formula also.

Of course, this is only a recommendation based on my vast experience of settling and photographing babies

Can we bring the dog?

Unfortunately not, we may have babies and other customers who are allergic to animal hair, even after a deep clean, dog hair and smell can still be present. This rule also applies to dogs who do not shred hair.

Can I expect the images I see here?

Absolutely, All these images are from genuine photo shoots I have done. I post a preview of every baby which you can see on my facebook page and Instagram.